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my name is Trey Reynolds and I create.

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The only reason I can think of you being here is that you're not sure who I am and you're checking me out.

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Things I Do


I will, for a reasonable fee, take pictures of you and try to make you laugh. I only guarantee the photos because I'm a lousy comedian.

Graphics Design

Need a flyer because your dog is missing? Need a logo for your pet rock? I will design a thing that most people would consider adequate.

The Code

You need code and I've got some. You don't want some old lumpy code so I'll whip up new code to your exactly fitting your ridiculous specs.


This one's rare, but I will make videos for very special occasions. If you scroll down a bit further you'll find an example of one such video.

Look the golden gate bridge.

My Work

Golden Gate Bridge

Thunder Buffalo

Water Buffalo

Rio Dulce, Guatemala

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